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EXPLORE LEARNING Tuition Centre is an independent tutoring located in Manor Lakes (Victoria 3024). At this Centre, we cater the needs of Primary, Secondary and VCE students and help them to reach their maximum potential through systematic learning, individual attention and motivation.

We all, as parents want our children to do well and be happy at school. Sometimes, they need some extra support, may be build confidence, to help in areas they find difficult in school, prepare for exams. At our Centre, we make sure that every single student’s needs are met by tailoring their tutoring sessions specifically to their individual needs. Here, we offer: An informal environment where all our students gain confidence in learning their coursework, full guidance for scholarship and selective school test preparation. We ensures the quality of all our learning programs at very affordable prices and provide our students a very relaxed setting where the students are tutored by an experienced , friendly and patient staff.

Our goal is to show all students that through hard work and dedication, anything is possible. We help all our students meet the learning benchmarks for their grade level using the following:

This eliminates the pressures students feel when surrounded by their peers, allowing them the freedom to move at a pace most comfortable and conducive to their learning ability.

This allows students more time to sit with, absorb and practice the material they have learned, while developing skills to help them better apply their knowledge to exams and coursework.

Tutor will encourage the students to maintain his/her focus and strive to perform up to their best potential.


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